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ISO Gap Analysis Checklists

What's inside

Identify and compare the gaps in your management systems against the ISO standard requirements. 

○ Simplified terminology relating to the ISO clauses. 

○ Comparison between your systems and ISO requirements.

○ Overview of what's in the corresponding standard.

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Risk-Based Thinking

What's inside

○ Concepts

○ Understanding Your Customers

○ Preventative Actions and Controls

○ Mapping Out The Process

○ Incorporating A Risk Workshop

○ What Does Best Practice Look For?

○ Bringing It All Together

○ How To Communicate

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Minimize ISO Documents

What's inside

Learn these 5 techniques to reduce the number of documents your organisation uses.

○ Effective Communication

○ Efficient Platforms

○ Acknowledging Competency

○ Engineering Controls

○ Focusing on the Outcomes

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Implement ISO 9001

What's inside

Learn 5 steps to get your ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System off the ground.

○ Understanding Customer Promises

○ How To Do A SWOT Analysis

○ Tracking Performance

○ Identifying Controls

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Certified Issues 1 - 4

What's inside

A fresh approach to learning about the ISO Management Systems and business improvement.

○ Understanding topics in the ISO standards

○ Top tips 'n' tricks

○ Case studies and more

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Winning Tenders

What's inside

Start your ISO certification journey with your goal in mind.

○Bidding on Tenders

○Main Steps in Tendering Process

○ Planning your Tender Response

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"A comprehensive document to help gauge the readiness of the organization for ISO 27001. Thank you"

ISO 27001 Gap Analysis Checklist

"We are small company in the US and have decided that 2018 is the year we take the ISO plunge! Thanks for the free checklist! "

- Greg Pontes
ISO 9001:2015 Gap Analysis Checklist

"Kobi, congratulations a pretty schmick checklist! very impressed"

- Gaye Cameron
IMS Gap Analysis Checklist

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