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Course Overview

From $3,300 AUD

Top features

  • Course: Coaching Masterclass.
  • Duration: 20 - 25 hours of self-paced video content and worksheets. 
  • Time: Self-paced over 10-weeks.
  • Delivery Mode: Online, delivered into your online library. 
  • Experience level: All levels welcome.
  • Optional: Best Practice Internal Business Coaching Accreditation Certificate and written exam. 
  • Want to enrol 5 or more of your team? Enquire here.

Take the next step in your career

We know you can make a meaningful impact on your team. We know when you're mentoring a team you need a desire to influence others and the skills to effectively coach. You already have a desire to influence others and whether you're starting out or scaling up, you will have our support to gain the necessary skills to coach you into the leader your team needs.   

This self-paced 10-week course will provide you with the skills to become a great coach but more importantly, a better version of yourself.

Who Should Enrol?

  • Newly appointed Managers or Team Leaders
  • Managers with less than 5 years of experience
  • Experienced team members wanting to gain coaching and managerial skills
  • Assessors looking to level up as a mentor or business coach

What We Will Cover

  • Emotional Control and Interpretation
  • Professionalism and Business Etiquette
  • Corporate Desirable Culture
  • Setting Goals and Self Improvement
  • Five Star Customer Service Mindset
  • Coaching with a Customer Focus
  • Prevention of Conflict, Conflict De-escalation, Resolution
  • Advanced Client Management and Key Accounts
  • Signs to Recognise Disappointed Clients
  • Understanding Coaching
  • Principles of Coaching
  • Advanced Logistics, Planning and Management of a Team 
  • What Separates Exceptional Coaching from Just Good?
  • Speaking to Executives
  • Reporting, Follow Up, Ongoing Meetings
  • Managing Up and Managing Down
  • Difficult Conversations - Critical, Legal or Sensitive Issues
  • Inspiring Coaching Principles
  • Inspiring Change - Change Management Techniques
  • Communication During Times of Change
  • Managing Change in Yourself
  • Passion and Lifelong Learning
  • Personal High-Performance Habits
  • Work-Life Balance

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Your Course Options

Masterclass Course

$3,300 AUD

Top features

  • Certificate of Completion.
  • A 10-week program, offering weekly videos and tasks. 
  • 20-25 hours of video and written content. 

Masterclass Course & Accreditation

$4,050 AUD

Most Popular

  • Best Practice Internal Business Coach Accreditation.
  • One-on-one revision and evaluation session with CEO Kobi Simmat & Instructor Sarah Long.
  • Written online exam and feedback.  
  • A 10-week program, offering weekly videos and tasks. 
  • 20-25 hours of video and written content. 

Course Modules

Module 1

  • Understand the best way to behave and present the best ‘you’
  • Learn the Best Practice tips and tricks to improve your well being
  • Learn techniques to handle tasks, stress, and emotions
  • Find your ‘why’ and apply it to being an assessor/coach

Module 2

  • Understand what 5-star customer service is and how to implement it
  • Learn why customer service is the most important thing in a business
  • Learn techniques to manage tricky situations and demanding clients
  • Learn the importance of taking responsibility for your actions

Module 3

  • Understand what coaching is and the best ways to try it
  • Learn tips and tricks to implement that will make coaching easier 
  • Learn techniques to manage human interactions & your state of being
  • Understand how to raise issues and improvements effectively

Module 4

  • Understand how to inspire clients to make changes and improve
  • Learn tips and tricks to make improvement fun and fruitful
  • Learn techniques to improve yourself and make big personal change
  • Understand how to keep the learning journey alive every day!

Presented by Sarah Long

Sarah Long, Head of High Performance at Best Practice, has over 20 years of experience managing teams and coaching high performance employees. Sarah is extremely passionate about helping organisations and individuals improve and reach their full potential. Join Sarah on your personal development journey!

From Good Manager to Great Leader

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