How to Implement an ISO 45001 Management System

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ISO 45001 Implementation Training Course 

If you're passionate and dedicated to understanding how to develop and implement a robust ISO 45001 Management System, this is the course for you! Learn how to effectively implement an ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OH&S) throughout your entire organisation. 

About The Course

  • This course will give you the skills for understanding, implementing and improving your ISO 45001:2018 Management System. 
  • This course will be delivered in five 20-minute modules, plus a conclusion.
  • We recommend applying a minimum of 3-4 hours for this course. 
  • Receive a certificate of completion. 

Who Should Enrol?

  • This course is relevant to anyone involved in the process of implementing ISO 45001:2018 in an organisation.
  • Anyone transitioning from AS/NSZ 4801:2001 to ISO 45001:2018.  
  • There are no pre-requisites for this course and is suitable for individuals of all skill sets. 


Purchase Now $1,197 AUD

Course Modules

Module 1

  • Learn the importance of business strategy and knowing your stakeholders.
  • Identify your business-wide safety risk.
  • Create meaningful objectives and understand why you are implementing ISO 45001.

Module 2

  • Review the expectations of the business leadership.
  • Identify your system and safety responsibilities.
  • Conduct the evaluation of business compliance to the legal requirements.

Module 3

  • Discuss worker awareness, identifying & tracking training and competency.
  • Understand the resources needed for a safety system and how and when to review the safety aspects of external providers.

Module 4

  • Run through the basics of managing operational risk management.
  • Learn how to identify and plan for emergencies.
  • Learn the methods for collecting information for system performance evaluation. 

Module 5

  • Consider the basics of internal audits.
  • How to identify and track improvement actions.
  • What is expected in incident management.
  • Conducting Management System Review Meetings.


  • Walkthrough the key takeaways of the course & summarise each module with your instructor. 
  • Receive your certificate of completion.
  • Ask any remaining questions to your instructor and community. 

Presented by Sarah Long

Sarah Long, Lead Assessor and Technical Support at Best Practice, has over 20 years in the safety management industry. Sarah is extremely passionate about helping organisations demystify industry jargon and implementing practical solutions. Join Sarah on your ISO 45001 journey!


Purchase Now $1,197 AUD